The LeMuse fashion brand is known since 2010 and is famous for its beautiful, comfortable, cozy and original design garments.

LeMuse garments are created and manufactured in Lithuania. However, they are well known in many countries. LeMuse is worn in France, USA, Canada, Japan, Estonia and other countries. LeMuse clothes and accessories are sold in LeMuse boutique located in Vilnius and also in many design stores in Lithuania and abroad.

LeMuse uniforms
LeMuse uniforms

Uniforms are everyday clothes, so it’s important for us, that it would be comfortable and customers wanted to wear it every day.

LeMuse uniforms are minimal, fabrics are especially smooth and pleasant, natural and well worn.

Our goal is to make every customer to feel wonderful each and every moment and become a muse.


We recommend to choose punto milano fabric (69% viscose, 25% polyamide, 6% elastane). This fabric is especially suitable for uniforms because it is worn perfectly. Large amount of viscose “is letting skin to breath”. Elastane provides comfort, do not restrain movements and “adapts to the body”. Polyamide allows garment to remain in perfect shape for a long time. Garments made from punto milano fabric can be worn for a long time and remains in a perfect condition.
Also, we can offer a wide variety of other fabrics according to your needs: composition, texture, finishing type, thickness and etc. 

LeMuse uniforms
LeMuse uniforms


LeMuse co-operates with fabric manufactures all over Europe. Therefore, our colour palette is very wide. You can choose the color that most closely matches the corporate style.


All LeMuse uniform models are designed to be very comfortable. We believe, that it is the most important thing in everyday wear. Therefore, our garments have a minimal amount of insets and complicated constructions.


LeMuse adapts choosen model for a particular person according their measurements.


We can also make choosen uniforms repeatably in the future. Both small and larger quantities.

LeMuse uniforms


For individual proposal and conditions, please contact.

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