Our advice would be to go for natural fabrics. It just so happens that the winter classic of all times is the material of wool. It certainly has been there for a while. The wool is still being used everywhere around the world and is the soft fabric from which we get our lovely (and natural!) knitted sweaters. Take a look at these beautiful women’s sweaters made from wool by LeMuse.

Black sweaters in wool

Black is the colour that never goes out of style. Whether it is a black dress, black blouse or winter sweater in black, you will always feel and look elegant.

Check out the Winter sweater in black. This sweater has a classy and minimalist silhouette and long fitted sleeves. The sweater has a wide and boat cut neckline, so you can wear it as an open shoulder sweater, for some extra glam!

If you are looking for a sophisticated and symmetrical look, try the Symmetric sweater with a bow! This model is perfect for city’s fashionistas and special occasions but it can also be worn on such occasions as going to work. The sweater is short in cut, has a lovely round neckline which is accentuated by a black bow on the centre. Simply an elegant choice for your winter!

Oversized sweaters

Who doesn’t like getting cozy during those cold months of winter! Now imagine having a perfect oversized sweater that is not only extremely comfortable but also looks pretty.

An oversized sweater can sometimes be a dress! Take a look at our black wool sweater dress Oversized. This dress is of a minimalist design, has a turtleneck and radiates elegance.
Oversized can also be worn as a gorgeous plus size wool dress or sweater.

This oversized sweater can also be found in grey colour! For a lighter version, take a look at our sweater dress in grey wool Oversized.

Long sweaters

Sometimes all you could possibly need is a long and comfortable sweater. If the said sweater is also elegant and cute, it is even better!

If you are a fan of pastel palette, you might enjoy owning a women’s sweater of such colours. Check out our long sweater Metalic Pearls. This beautiful garment comes in cream colour and is of a sophisticated design. The sweater has small metallic buttons on the back, a wide boat neckline and can be worn either as a short dress or a long sweater!

Wearing grey colour in wintertime doesn’t have to be boring! This colour comes hand in hand with minimalism and looks great on a garment of a classy design. Grey Wave winter dress might be just what you were looking for. This long sweater, that can also be worn as a dress, will never let you feel cold! It has long fitted sleeves and a wide and loose neckline for your comfort and elegance.

Sweater dresses

During summertime many of us choose to wear dresses. Who said that you can’t wear one in winter? With these woolen sweater dresses there is no bad weather!

Are you looking for a dress for the evening and special occasions? Check out the beautiful woolen cream sweater dress Lab Special Designer Cut. This pastel coloured dress has a classy silhouette and a turtleneck! A perfection for your evening in the theatre or for that special dinner!

A dress made from wool is not only gorgeous but will never let you freeze even during the harshest winter days. Choose a minimalist sweater dress, like long sleeved Dance in grey wool. This dress can be worn and enjoyed on many occasions. It has two adjustable belts that cross over your waist and make a shape of x, which then adapts to your waistline uniquely.

For the ones that love winter sweater dresses in black, take a look at a midi sweater dress Bow. This dress has a flattering asymmetric design and conceals all the possible imperfections. Bottom part of the dress wraps around your hips nicely. Top part of the dress is meant to be a little loose and the boat neckline can be adjusted with a black bow on the shoulder.

Owning a sweater or two during winter can bring so much joy! All you have to do is find what fits you the best and lets you feel comfortable and awesome! Take some time to sit down, think about your perfect sweater design and preferred colours, and choose your perfect winter sweater!

Check out this beautiful women’s wool sweaters collection and choose your favourites. You can also find special and perfect christmas gift for her!