Take a look at our top 12 outfits for various winter celebrations and choose the perfect special occasion dress!

1. TUBE dress in red

You just got an invitation to a Pre-Christmas party, organized by your colleagues. Your mood is uplifted and ever so charming and you are looking forward to that evening. There is only one thing on your mind as your thoughts wander, what are you going to wear for this formal evening? One dress could be your stylish choice of all times. A dress like Tube dress in red. Tube dress could be your perfect Christmas party outfit. The pleasant and modern design guarantees you comfort and classic red colour is just meant to make you the star of the evening.

2. Red DISCO dress

Sometimes all you need is a lovely dress to impress. A red Disco dress will be there for you, whether you decide to wear it on a festive Sunday brunch or a classy winter disco! It is perfect women’s dress for special occasion. This dress is not only gorgeous but very comfortable. Rest assured knowing that you are looking your best, the style of this dress is meant to hide all imperfections so dance like nobody’s watching!

3. Red PARISIAN dress

A dress in red is a must for the wintertime celebrations. Red is the colour of love and energy. Energize yourself and everyone around you wearing Parisian dress in red. The dress is of a minimalist french style, has a pair of long sleeves and a cute detail on the neckline, a small bow. It is perfect choice for new year or Christmas party outfit. Feel vibrant anywhere you go and celebrate yourself while celebrating the winter holidays.

4. Red OPERA dress

New Year’s Eve is one of the most waited celebrations worldwide. It is only natural that looking for the perfect outfit for the evening is a significant part of the fun. Take a look at the Opera dress in red. This dress is a very feminine and sophisticated choice, it is perfect cocktail and party dress. It has open shoulders and can also be worn asymmetrically. Besides, red is a fine colour for any celebration. Start your New Year looking graceful and dazzling!

5. Red MAGIC blouse

A blouse for a Christmas party with friends is always the right option! If you have a pair of stylish pants, you could easily match them with a Magic blouse in red. This lovely blouse has long sleeves and open shoulders, making you stand out in any crowd. A truly magical and simply elegant garment.

6. Red CELEBRATION dress

It is not that easy to find a dress that is both comfortable and stunning. Christmas is a family celebration, a special occasion that gathers your loved ones in one place. You deserve to feel your most beautiful self among those that matter the most. We know a perfectly stunning Christmas party dress for you. Imagine yourself wearing the Celebration dress in red, a classy and minimalist dress for festivities. We can also custom make it as a plus size dress. This dress even has a pair of pockets! What’s not to like? It is a perfect special occasion dress!

7. KISS blouse in red

Choosing your Christmas outfit should uplift your mood and make you feel confident and radiant! Are going for a festive dress, a costume, or maybe, an elegant blouse with a skirt or a pair of pants? A red blouse Kiss is perfect for any celebration. A fashionable and gorgeous garment with long sleeves and a big accent on your back - a bow.

8. Deep blue BOW blouse

A sophisticated blouse in deep and gorgeous colour is a must for any wardrobe. Enjoy your festivities looking great and radiating uplifting elegance, wearing Bow blouse in deep blue. This blouse has a pair of long sleeves and a bow on the neckline, that can be tied however you want, including leaving your shoulders to be seen!

9. Deep blue FLOW asymmetric blouse with buttons

A blouse in deep blue Flow is created for every elegant woman. This blouse is of asymmetric design, classic deep blue colour and it has an open shouldered neckline, it makes it perfect special occasion dress. There are small buttons on the back as well. A dreamy choice for your festive winter evening!

10. FRENCH dress in deep blue

A dress of a minimal and French style might be just what you needed this wintertime! A classic silhouette, a subtle bow on a neckline, and a deep blue colour will ensure that you will feel sophisticated everywhere you go, Christmas parties included!

11. Deep blue SOFIA BOW dress

If you are looking for an elegant and classy dress for your formal New Year’s Party, look no further, because Sofia Bow dress in deep blue might be your dream come true! This is a dress of a fairly timeless design and rich colour. It also has a small accent on one of the shoulders - a small bow.

12. Red LOVE dress

This lovely and stylish dress could be that gem you were looking for! It is perfect sexy birthday party dress, or the dress for the St. Valentine’s Day! The Love dress has a big bow on the back and a pair of long sleeves. Feel cozy and beautiful wearing this design, that is meant for your comfort.

There you go, that was the list of fine garments, ready to help you shine during this season of beautiful celebrations! Be your own muse and celebrate life everywhere you go!

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